Snow Dog
Chloe desperately missed the snow of Chicago, so I took her up to the play area on Mt. San Antonio
Escape the house hike
B, of course, got a little jealous and is going stir crazy stuck in the house, so I had to take her up too.
California really shines during the "superbloom" so we called up some friends to go experience it.
Beautiful California Golden Poppies everywhere
Golden Hills
The Golden state for sure.
Another ultrasound update reveals our little bun growing up healthy and strong. Baby is coming soon!
Lake Mead
I headed out for a Technical Canyoneering Course to properly learn skills and techniques (certified ACE level 1).
The "final exam" was navigating this canyon on our own – great success!
In what has become a tradition, I headed to Steamboat, CO for some snowboarding
For my birthday B treated me to the Pacific Symphony's performance of Madame Butterfly.
The venue was amazing!
The beer brewing hobby continues...
Big Sister
Chloe is anxiously awaiting her little sibling!
Chloe and I went on many more epic hikes, the hills around SoCal are stunning at this time of year.
Another Superbloom
Coastal this time, beautiful yellow mustard flowers
Mt. Baldy Peak
Another summit ticked off, this one Mt. Baldy (10,046 ft / 3,062 m)
T&T Wedding
We dressed up for the stunning wedding of Tiffany and Trevor
Wedding Friends
And while there saw my favorite old friends/roomates
Baby Shower
Roshni hosted our amazing NorCal baby shower where we got incredible gifts and essential advice from friends and family.
Another Baby Shower
A second baby shower! We have such great people in our lives – such great support for what is about to come.
Nursery Prep
Well, the nursery is prepared and ready for its new occupant. Chloe has inspected the child proofing and approves, and now sits in here awaiting her new friend.
6lbs, 9oz and 19.5in. He's a healthy little angel.
New Dad
“I could hold you in my arms forever” - Ray LaMontagne
New Mom
Look at his big yawn!
1 Week
“I made it to 1 week!
(My parents made it to 1 week!)”
New Grandparents
Doting and loving, they came to visit in his first week of life.
2 Weeks
“My eyes are open, I'm starting to see things, I'm starting to recognize my parents' voices, the world is amazing!”
“Music is amazing. I like to listen close to the speakers, but I also like when my parents sing.”
New Grandma
Another Grandma came to dote and love (and aid Mom and Dad)
3 Weeks
Look at how big he has already grown
Dad hug
The little man is so sweet.
First Hike
“I think I like hiking, but mostly I like sleeping.”
1 Month
4 weeks flew by like no time at all.
6 Weeks
Growing bigger, more energetic, and ready to have some adventures...
Road Trip!
We take Shael on his first trip, a quick drive up to Big Bear lake.
Mike & Kate & West & Mila
Not too long after we take him for a much grander trip: to St. George to see his new best buddies West and Mila.
Mila & Shael
These are going to seriously have some stories to tell about growing up with their parents...
Moms and Dads get some climbing in while babies nap in strollers. What a great concept!
Zion National Park
Whoever bet on Zion as Shael's first national park wins!
8 Weeks
WOW survived 2 months and a road trip and several hikes. This baby is a keeper.
Some lake in Mammoth. Shael liked it so much he had a blowout.
Daddy plays the flying baby game.
Mommy shares a magical sunset with her magical man.
Small but Mighty
Shael meets his grandpa and is an instant hit.
Great Grandma
4 generations to create this little cutie.
Cousin Henry
Shael is going to have a big loving family!
Cousin Oliver
These two are already best buds.
Meet & Greet
Oliver and Shael start to play games.
Shael's first swim: this guy loves the water
Point Lobos
Mom & Dad take Shael out on another hike. Shael sleeps.
Mom loved this story as a little girl.
Henry Miller
See Shael? This is where our wedding was supposed to happen.
4th of July
Baby's first Fourth of July
3 Months
Holy moly, already?
First Wedding
In what will probably be a common theme, he didn't want to wear the bow tie.
4 Months
Just look at that smile.
Second Wedding
Only 4 months old and already two weddings and a flight under his belt.
Steph & Rob tie the knot.
New Car
SRIPREM lasted for over 20 years and 160,000 miles but it was time for a new one to safely take baby around on his adventures. With luck, he'll get this one when he turns 16 (if gas still exists)
Do you like his hat?
5 Months
This little guy is starting to develop into a real person
6 Months
He even holds his own sign.
First real food!
Sweet potatoes, green peas, banana, and all sorts of other mashed fruits and vegetables. What he gets into his mouth he seems to like.
The great Pumpkin
What is this big orange thing? What do we do with it?
First Halloween Pumpkins
Which one is Shael? Which one is Chloe?
The Rubble Family
Featuring Bam Bam.
Another hike nap
He continues to "enjoy" being outdoors, he expresses his enjoyment by feeling relaxed enough to sleep.
Hike with Gma and Gpa
This time Shael got to wear his dad hat and show off for the Grandparents.
Ocean Walk with the grandparents
A little easier on everyone...
“Dad ran a race and I cheered!”
Another adventure race with Xterra, Brett took second in his age group.
Hiking with Dad
This might be our first solo hike?
“Dad is crazy, and so is his friend Susanne.”
7 months
He is now full of energy.
Mom showed me my first creek.
Something about moving water absolutely fascinates the little guy.
“Dad takes me to the mountains.”
The temperature drops and the baby gets bundled up, but we certainly don't stay inside. Plus, graduation to the big kid backpack means we can go farther and faster and Shael can see much more.
Christmas tree farm
Shael got to pick out his first Christmas tree.
I'm getting ready for Christmas
There's no story to this one, it was just too cute not to include.
Best Buddies
Shael and Chloe continue to cement their friendship. Chloe cleans up after Shael, bring him toys, and kisses him every chance she gets. Shael feeds her, pulls her ears and jowels, and makes sure her teeth are clean.
“I'm learning to move around the house. My new favorite game is hide and seek.”
They love each other so much.
Family Time!
Playing in the backyard
Santa Clause
He didn't have a big list, but he did enjoy the fuzzy pants.
WOW what a haul this year. Grandma and Grandpa and the Aunties went way overboard with presents and Shael had an amazing time meeting everyone and playing with his cousin Oliver.
Christmas at the Helikers
So here's to everyone still reading: wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best in 2020: it has been and will be another AMAZING year.