California Bay Area Beer Tckr

tckr Screenshot

Beer ticking is simply the act of keeping a record of every different beer you drink. It encourages you to order new beers and try a greater variety. Serious tickers take pride in the number of ticks they have – and can be obsessive about it. Watch the Beertickers Documentary for a hilarious take on the hobby.

The Bay Area list was originally compiled by Mario from Brewed For Thought. It attempts to include all bottled beers available in the nine counties of the California Bay Area (if rare draft-only beers were included this list would never end. Which is what makes the Bay Area such a great place to drink beer).

I’ve kept this iteration of the Ticker List simple: it saves your ticks on the device you are currently using to view them. You cannot export, import, nor save across devices. You don’t need an account and I don’t need/want your email. It is written entirely in Javascript and HTML. Use something like Untappd for more complete, full-featured ticking. This list is just meant as a way to track the answer to “Have I drunk everything there is to drink in the Bay Area?”, something Untappd can’t answer for me.

I’ve thought about making this more feature-filled, turning it into a native app, morphing it into a climbers ticker list. Would that be fun? Let me know!