What I’ve learned: Patagonia

Travel creates opportunity for reflection and thought. On each trip, I jot down notes of my daydreams, conversations, and overheard moments.

  • How you present yourself is not how people will perceive you.
  • Opportunities are like photographs: the only ones regretted are those not taken.
  • Life is good when sipping whiskey served over 300 year old ice chipped from a glacier you walked across. (Photo)
  • Try to look approachable because you never will approach.
  • Cultivate those moments that help you remember what it feels like to care rather than just do.
  • Sometimes it takes the similarities of another person to see yourself accurately.
  • New company can reveal sensitivities you thought were long healed.
  • Spending all day, everyday with a virtual stranger can teach you a lot. About them, you, prejudices, preferences, people around you, everything.
  • Wine, bread, cheese and some meat is delicious. Fruit is also delicious.