IoT Consulting Services


There are six core building blocks in an IoT strategy: hardware, connectivity, cloud platform & analytics, applications, cybersecurity, and system integration. Most Big Data and Machine Learning companies currently addresses at most 2 or 3 leaving a major technical risk – and opportunity. We can provide your company with the capability to address hardware, connectivity and system integration strategies – the entire asset-to-insights chain – to rocket you ahead of your competition.

We are here when the hard part isn't running algorithms, it is collecting and understanding the data.

Architectural Assessment

Most analysts agree: IoT is still in the early adopter space. If your company has an informed IoT strategy or even a turnkey IoT recommendation, you will stand out from our competition. We will conduct a current-state assessment and a future-state roadmap analysis, help establish a data ingestion and device connectivity strategy.

Technical Vetting

Does a startup look ripe for acquisition? Can't tell if a potential client has the infrastructure and technology to implement your product? Our team specializes in technical vetting of architectures during negotiation phases prior to contract, long term agreements, or takeovers.


All data comes from sensors and devices, so you should have dedicated engineers with an understanding of and an opinion on hardware. We perform technical due diligence around hardware integration with your systems. From research and prototyping to selection and integration; from trial through production deployment. We are hardware experts.


Our team has a combination of physical asset, IOT and Data Science expertise. We can assist with technical due diligence, data and connectivity assessment, partnership research and evaluation. This team can establish the technical level of effort and opportunity size of implementing an instrumentation and connectivity strategy. We can build an IoT strategy for any customer, regardless of vertical or level of sophistication.

Brett Heliker

Lead Architect

Former IoT Architect of Uptake, Director of Hardware R&D at SRI International and former CTO of various startups.