Brett Heliker

Irvine, CA 92610 ·

My career is heavily, and successfully, in R&D. My strength is combining disparate systems to create innovative prototypes resulting in revolutionary products.


Senior Solutions Architect,
Senior IoT Architect

Joined Uptake as an early engineer and saw it grow to its current billion dollar valuation and 600+ person company. Currently the lead engineer for client interaction and product implementation, I architect atypical installations, write proposals and responses and discover and integrate new technologies into the Uptake product.

Early on, I directed hardware design and end-to-end production, bringing a software-centric and hardware-shy startup from zero to 200,000 devices produced per year. I also lead R&D and special projects teams for sensor integration and networking, where we rapidly prototyped and completed proof-of-concept implementations from whiteboard to working device across many verticals.

Accolades:"Best-In-Class" award (6/17), "Uptake Ambassador" (6/2016), "Conscious Leader" (8/2017).

February 2015 - Current

Director of Technology Insertion, Hardware

Director of the Instrumentation and Simulation group's Research and Technology Insertion team through several years and several successful multi-million dollar programs including JTEP (geospatial technologies, virtual terrain generation, neogeography); FlexTrain (hardware design, embedded systems design, GPS-denied tracking, data analytics); XCTC (field application engineering, RF system design); Fracture Surface Topography Analysis (simulation and visualization); and BRIGHT (human-machine interaction research).

2004 - 2014

Engineering Consultation

Consulting in hardware design, ruggedization, manufacturability and vendor relationships.

2011 – 2014

Application Strategist

Consulting work to apply and direct software engineering effort, create technology strategy, and find and aquire talent and negotiate vendor relationships. Additional help in social media strategy.

2011 – 2015


California Polytechnic State University

M.S. in Aerospace Engineering
Thesis topic includes Kalman filtering and control theory

Focus in Systems Engineering

2003 - 2004

California Polytechnic State University

B.S. in Aerospace Engineering
Spacecraft concentration with emphasis on control theory and communications
1999 - 2003

Pleasant Valley High School

AP/IB Honors distinction

GPA: 4.3


Patents, papers & publications

  • Patent: Mesh Network Routing Based on Availability of Assets
    Determining that a given asset of a plurality of assets in a mesh network is likely to be unavailable within a given period of time in the future and in response to the determining, causing a routing configuration for at least one other asset in the mesh network to be updated.
  • Patent: Local Analytics Device
    An improved local analytics device that includes a single-board computer with a high-capacity processing unit, configured to detect abnormal-condition indicators, enabling the asset (as opposed to a remote computing system) to execute a predictive model and corresponding workflow which may enable a user to take preventative and/or remedial action at the asset.
  • Self-Aware Virtual Environment (SAVE)
    The design for a next-generation learning system requiring an interactive, adaptive and discoverable virtual environment based on an ontology-driven geographic information system – 29 May 2012
  • Human-Collective Training For Tactical Operations
    A learning-theory-based program to enable repeatable, scripted and unscripted training situations aimed at improving team/crew tactical operations in the Army's standard crawl-walk-run development approach – 1 June 2012