Brett Heliker

Orange County, CA 90740 ·

Career Summary

I am a systems architect with product design experience in companies ranging from Unicorns to Defense. My designs have been in space, military training and combat, and have been manufactured in six-figure production runs. I've lead small, focused teams and larger cross-disciplinary teams. I have architected Big Data plaforms, lead R&D efforts, authored whitepapers and evangelized product to clients and investors.


Internet of Things Architect

Leadership and oversight of team to develop, produce and maintain IoT hardware and sensor integration; delivering real world, client-driven solutions from whiteboard to production.
Lead R&D and special projects teams to rapidly ingest, transform, engineer, and visualize data, completing both prototype and product-level implementations across many verticals.
Personally drove effort to create 2 new business units, adding dozens of new clients, opportunities and creating tens of millions in additional revenue.

Accolades:"Best-In-Class" award (6/17), "Uptake Ambassador" (6/2016), "Conscious Leader" (8/2017).

February 2015 - Current

Director of Technology Insertion, Hardware ; TS clearance

Leadership of the Instrumentation and Simulation Research and Technology Insertion team resulting in multiple successful multi-million dollar programs including:
  • JTEP geospatial technologies, virtual terrain generation, neogeography
  • FlexTrain hardware design, embedded systems design, GPS-denied tracking, data analytics
  • XCTC field application engineering, RF system design
  • Fracture Surface Topography Analysis simulation and visualization
  • BRIGHT Human-machine interaction research
2004 - 2014

Engineering Consultation

Hypothesis-driven consulting on prototype hardware design, manufacturability and ruggedization.
2011 – 2014

Application Strategist

Directed software engineering teams for native mobile and web application development, collaborated on technology strategy, and recruited technology talent. Additional help in social media strategy.
2011 – 2015


California Polytechnic State University

M.S. in Aerospace Engineering
Thesis topic includes Kalman filtering and control theory

Focus in Systems Engineering

2003 - 2004

California Polytechnic State University

B.S. in Aerospace Engineering
Spacecraft concentration with emphasis on control theory and communications
1999 - 2003

Pleasant Valley High School

AP/IB Honors distinction

GPA: 4.3


Patents, papers & publications

  • Patent: Mesh Network Routing Based on Availability of Assets
    Determining that a given asset of a plurality of assets in a mesh network is likely to be unavailable within a given period of time in the future and in response to the determining, causing a routing configuration for at least one other asset in the mesh network to be updated.
  • Patent: Local Analytics Device
    An improved local analytics device that includes a single-board computer with a high-capacity processing unit, configured to detect abnormal-condition indicators, enabling the asset (as opposed to a remote computing system) to execute a predictive model and corresponding workflow which may enable a user to take preventative and/or remedial action at the asset.
  • Patent: Provisioning a Local Analytics Device
    Methods for provisioning a local analytics device to interact with a remote computing system on behalf of an asset that is coupled to the local analytics device.
  • Self-Aware Virtual Environment (SAVE)
    The design for a next-generation learning system requiring an interactive, adaptive and discoverable virtual environment based on an ontology-driven geographic information system – 29 May 2012
  • Human-Collective Training For Tactical Operations
    A learning-theory-based program to enable repeatable, scripted and unscripted training situations aimed at improving team/crew tactical operations in the Army's standard crawl-walk-run development approach – 1 June 2012